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ORCID ID: A Digital Persistent Identifier

orcid_person.pngA digital persistent identifier (DPI) is a unique number that represents an individual researcher. ORCiD is an independent organization that maintains a DPI registry of ORCID iDs. Both the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have selected ORCID as their DPI provider to fulfill NSPM-33 requirements.

Northwestern strongly recommends researchers sign up for an ORCiD ID so your research output
can be unambiguously associated to you as an individual.

Sign up for an ORCiD ID

Benefits of creating an ORCID account and linking to your Northwestern NetID

  • Ensure credit for publications and grants.
    Include ORCID on publications and sponsored funding so these activities can be more easily linked in bibliometric databases such as Web of Science and Scopus and guarantee you proper credit as an author.
  • Reduce administrative burden by storing an up-to-date, complete record of scholarly work.
    ORCID can import and store data on education history, grants, and publications and act as your online CV.
  • Easy creation of biosketches and other support documents.
    Leverage ORCID data to create format-compliant documents, such as SciENcv.
    **NSF will require use of this tool for all grant submissions starting in Fall 2023 and NIH is considering similar requirements.
  • Link ORCID to your NetID to allow Northwestern systems to share data with ORCID in the future.
    Efforts are underway to identify a single system for research profile updates that will propagate to all University systems and to ORCID. We will share more information about integration between ORCID and Northwestern systems in 2023.

Discover more information about ORCID.